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Welding tanks was fun but...

Welding tanks was fun. We welded with 6010 and My boss Lloyd always ordered 5p+ which it a great rod but burns hot. Some call it the cutting torch because you can turn up up high and cut through metal. We also tig welded aluminum and I was able to learn how to weld aluminum with Mig and Tig. During the recession of 08 myself and another worker were laid off. I then worked repairing and testing stainless trailer tanks. Welding stainless was fun but I wanted to weld pipe and own a rig. I bought a truck and a welder and tried to get work in the oil fields around Bakersfield. Lucky for me I had a buddy that was welding at a new stainless fertilizer plant in Hanford and they needed a pipe fitter. I tested and we began working there in Hanford. It was fun to have a "hurry up and wait" job. It was at this time I started focusing heavily on starting my side business making Welder Bracelets.

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