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Signing up with Etsy

I wanted to add a link to my profile on Instagram and Etsy was a great option. The year being 2014 the fees weren't very high. The format is a simple step by step detailed process that can be tough when adding items, but at 20 cents a listing, very affordable. They only charge you after sales so start up fees and very low. Its as simple as creating an account, making a listing and using a great photo. Further adding a description, and the sizes you offer. The one tough thing was connecting my bank account. At that time putting your private information online was odd for me. Fortunately my wife had been buying things online for a very long time and she trusts the internet more than me. But as I get over my technological shortcomings I learned that the hosting and processing fees can be tough for startups, and payments can take a week to receive. They have made some changes increasing processing time but fees continue to increase. Fortunately so does their advertising budget. I even seen a etsy commercial on the superbowl. I continue to use my Etsy even after creating my own website because of their popularity thanks to their advertisements and a robust word of mouth.

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