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Welder bracelets have been around since the 50's when helium was first used to tig weld stainless steel. Welders would make bracelet keepsakes to sell and give out at the job. I first seen one in posts on Instagram, I loved bracelets but never could afford a nice one. Its then when I wanted to make one for myself, but it wasn't until I saw one in person that I connected the dots and figured out how to make one. Many people make them different, there is no perfect way to do it and it's mostly trial and error. It took me 10 attempts till I felt it was wearable and even today I still want to improve. but that's jut my character. I showed the first one on my Instagram when someone asked how much? The first one I sold was $60 plus shipping. They paid through Paypal and didn't have an account, but Paypal had a "pay with debit or credit card" option. It was the best I could do, but it was a start. "You dont have to be great to start but youi need to start to be great."

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