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How I got a trade job

In my fourth entry I briefly mention how I got a trade job. Its very complicated to get into the trades and a lot of different ways. People give a lot of advice but as someone with not much money I only wanted a good job, I started a small family and putting food on the table is top priority of course. I'm incredibly lucky and blessed to have the work ethic learned from watching family and friends and I've only had setbacks because of my own stupid self and inexperience and most of all being too stubborn to ask for guidance. But I matured and got a job at a big nationwide company Rain for Rent, I worked at a Pepsi Distribution center for a year before that, loading Pepsi into trucks using forklifts with all the soda you can drink. At Rain for Rent, my location recycled aluminum water pipes, I operated a large band saw cutting pipes to be crushed and bundled. But I got my big break when the boss Tim asked me “Ready to change your career” I said “Yes” and we went to the tank division to learn stick welding. I came in every morning a hour before the shift to learn from Lloyd Land, a throwback welder that built most of the blue water storage tanks shaped like big rig trailers that are on many construction sites. and funnily the greatest thing he ever said was in anger. He backed a tank with the big rig into the shop but forgot to lower the safety rails on top, crashing into the roll up door he jumped out and exclaimed, “all you MFers’ around and none of you warned me what I was about to do!”…HAHA

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