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My Career

In my third entry in this blog, I'll quickly get to my career because through high school I was a mess, but i did graduate. I moved to phoenix right out high school, to go to one of those ITT schools, I left the small town for the big city, It was fall in phoenix and the winters there are amazing. so I didn’t study much and just had fun for 2 years but it was all in debt and student credit cards paid for my Carl's Jr. These computer trade schools are subpar but I did meet some people From UTI that were mechanics and I first learning of trades. Everybody in my family just had jobs and I found it awesome to have a skill or trade. Ive drawn since I was small and welding is a great method for artists to accomplish something daily but the hard physical work involved will filter most people out. I didn’t start welding till I was 25 and when I moved back to California after 2 years in Phoenix my first jobs weren’t trades. I did what most people do and washed cars at the dealerships, worked at a chevron and refereed flag football games on weekends. Ill end this blog entry on a funny story about being a referee. My friend Ricky and his dad Ruben Hill were referees for years and the son asked if i wanted to make 11 bucks an hour for 3 games on Saturday. The last game was a tie score with one last play at the goal line. there was a scramble at the hike and a blind throw to the end zone that was caught for a touchdown to win the game. almost immediately after calling the touchdown Ricky grabbed me and said lets get out of here! he had refereed enough games to know someone would have a problem with losing such a close game. Haha, we were gone before anyone could be mad. Lesson learned.

i.e. this is not me but a crazy video

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