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Stop and Smell the Roses

Its important to take time to appreciate how far your business has came, Most all people will only think of accomplishing their goals that cant lead to a overwhelming feeling of not making it fast enough, but if you take time every week to appreciate your progress. I have a really good memory so its tough for me to forget all the struggles i had throughout the years of operating. They're has been ups and downs but progress is when you don't quit. I'm not a quitter and completing projects, as difficult as it seems, can be the most rewarding part of life. So no matter how tough it seems or how focused you are, take time everyday to thank people for supporting you, thank your spouse for putting up with you and supporting your dreams ideas and goals. And after you smell the roses remember they need to be nurtured just like your business. So go out there and have gratitude and then show your drive and talent. Your not lucky you just don't give up.

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