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Making My Own Website

Etsy was working great, people would trust purchasing there. The fees started to grow and as someone that sell something pricey, the fees I occurred were adding up. Some customers would message me in conversations and I could invoice them directly using my PayPal business account. I knew I had to create my own website, but I never learned how to code, so using a host for my website was my only option. I had heard of godaddy, and square space, but they were not easy to learn, so I found a host using Wix. The templates were decent but I started my website from a blank slate. I used solid white backgrounds and made my own light box and utilized a bright room in my house and make a suitable website for a no start up cost. I purchased it month by month for a small fee and purchased the domain name and a second domain name Go check it out and let me know what improvements I need, as I can change it real time. Having someone handle your website is easier but doing it yourself is beneficial because you can update prices in real time. I was lucky enough to sell a bunch on etsy and still sell some today, but the links I share go mostly to my website.

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